Game Xenoblade Chronicles Updated employee headcount is provided by Dev Monolith Soft.

Year after year, Monolith Soft, a Japanese software company, has expanded. The company claimed its personnel number had increased from 261 (in December 2020) to 272 in an earlier update, which dates back to 2021.

The most recent update for 2022 is a little different, as noted by Twitter user and avid gamer Stealth, as new annual statistics shows the number of employees at the corporation has decreased from approximately 272 people down to 264 as of December 2022. There isn’t necessarily cause for concern; this is merely an intriguing fact.

The website for Monolith has also offered an update on some further info. The gender split at the company as of December 2022 is 27.7% women and 72.3% males, with a median age of 36.5 years. Here is the breakdown of jobs inside the company: 51% of the workforce is made up of artists, 15.9% of planners, 16.3% of programmers, 9.1% of secretaries, and 6.8% is devoted to “other” development.

Over 100 new employees joined Monolith Soft during the Switch generation, contributing to the company’s overall robust growth. Over the years, it has also developed into a significant support group for Nintendo, assisting with a variety of titles including The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, and the Animal Crossing games.