The Switch’s Free-To-Download Exclusive Fishing Will Be Added to Ninjala

If you’ve left Ninjala behind, there may be a good cause for you to come back if you do. GungHo recently revealed that the Switch exclusive will include fishing in its Season 12 update, which came as somewhat of a surprise.

Any sizable body of water will be accessible for players to throw a line into. According to reports, there will also be fishing missions, competitions, and a “Aquapedia” where you may keep track of everything you’ve caught. Depending on the region, players will also be able to use various fishing techniques.

There are three types of fishing available: surf fishing with bait, surf fishing, and pole-and-line (lure). The video below shows the new fishing mechanic in action.

On January 12, Season 12 will premiere. Will you visit Ninjala once more to play this game?