Limited Run Information Pre-orders for the Deluxe Physical Edition of Blossom Tale II begin next week

Limited Run Games, a physical distributor, isn’t wasting any time this year as they already announced a physical version of Spidersaurs yesterday.

The Zelda-like RPG Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince will be released on tangible media, according to a recent update from the American developer. The cost of the regular edition is $34.99. This version will also be available in retail with a different cover.

Standard Edition – $34.99 USD

The Deluxe Edition, which costs $54.98, is the alternative edition available. This game’s version will come with a deluxe edition box, trading cards, and a poster. Pre-orders for both of the physical editions will start the following week, on January 10.

Deluxe Edition – $54.99 USD

The game’s soundtrack will also be offered for sale on vinyl. It costs $34.99 and will be accessible starting on January 10th. Are you going to include Blossom Tales II in your physical library?