Ubisoft Confirms The Division’s Release for 2015

Tom Clancy’s The Division is one title that Ubisoft hasn’t had to apologize for in recent memory. With the buggy release of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and the disinterested response to The Crew by gamers and reviewers alike, The Division is a bright light in Ubisoft’s current lineup, so when the game’s delayed release was pushed back in an announcement in May of 2014, many were willing to let it slide, assuming more time to work on the game would produce a better product. But maybe Ubisoft has had all the time it needed to get things just right.
While things are being patched up for Assassin’s Creed: Unity and its accompanying DLC, Ubisoft Canada took to their Facebook page to engage with them as they do during the development cycle of their many titles. But this particular post was to ask their followers this:

“We’ve got two Clancy games coming this year… Which one are YOU most excited for? Rainbow Six Siege or The Division?”

Perhaps not the most official of announcements, but it seems that Ubisoft is ready to release the new Rainbow Six, continuing the long-running series by Tom Clancy, and The Division, also of the same creative dynasty, at some point in the year. While both titles are expected to keep up the militaristic ethos of all works created by the best-selling author, both titles are expected to diverge from the original formulas to allow players to contribute more heavily to decisions made in the campaign, influence environment, and develop skills along a path similar to role-playing games. All of these details and more have been discussed on this Ubisoft account, so there’s no reason to discount the sincerity regarding The Division’s 2015 release.

You can pre-order Tom Clancy’s The Division for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.