Buying your way into the Heroes of the Storm beta is now possible

The Heroes of the Storm closed beta testing phase has been live for a few days now, granting testers access to all the new features, including a new map and a new hero. A lot of people have received invites from the company to play their latest game, but since this is a closed beta, the majority have been left out. If you didn’t receive an invitation and don’t want to wait until the final version launches and everybody can play, Blizzard has made is so that you can jump in right now, if you’re willing to spend a little cash that is. Namely, the company announced the Founder’s Pack for Heroes of the Storm, which not only grants access to the closed beta, but also comes with some in-game benefits to help you start off on the right foot.

The price for the Founder’s Pack is pretty steep if you ask me, but I guess it might be worth it if you really want to get into the action asap. You can buy the pack for $39.99/€34.99/£29.99 depending on your region and aside from a key to the closed beta, you’ll also get 2,500 gold to use in Heroes of the Storm. That’s a pretty low amount all things considered, but it’s still enough to buy one of the heroes priced at 2,000 gold. In addition, the Founder’s Pack also permanently unlocks Diablo, Jim Raynor, and Tyrande Whisperwind, as well as a skin for each of them. Finally, the pack also includes the golden cyber wolf mount. Blizzard says that all of these items will carry over to the final version of Heroes of the Storm.

As per usual, the company put together a new video showcasing all the items included in the Heroes of the Storm Founder’s Pack. A word of warning though, the video is not what you’d generally expect to see from Blizzard. That said, if you like Carbot Animations this will be right up your alley. Check it out below.