Hearthstone gets a new trailer as the game enters global open beta

Last week, Hearthstone fans in the United States were lucky enough to be granted access to Blizzard’s greatly popular card-game. A few days later, Europe followed, and today, Hearthstone is officially available for free everywhere in the world. That’s right! The time for praying for a Hearthstone beta key is over! All you need to do to enjoy the game is hop on to the official Hearthstone website and download the game. The client is small, and the Blizzard servers run fast, so you’ll be able to try the card game out in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind that you’ll need an active battle.net account, but if you don’t have one, registering for one is free.

Hearthstone successfully combines an addictive card-game theme with a comprehensive strategy and a large variety of heroes and decks. Those familiar with the Warcraft universe will be pleasantly surprised to see the return of some iconic Warcraft heroes, such as Rexxar or Jaina Proudmoore. Be prepared to invest some time if you want to master the game, as it’s a lot more complex than a first glance would reveal. Lastly, check out the newest trailer for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and remember to arm yourself with some patience, or else you’ll quickly and easily be tempted to spend a lot of money in the in-game store (which isn’t necessary at all, once you learn what to do).