Minecraft sequel “evidence” is pilling up

We all know that Microsoft didn’t purchase Minecraft just so they can sit on their hands and look at it. The have been many discussions in regards to what the company is planning to do with their recently purchased IP, with many people suggesting that a sequel at some point is now pretty much inevitable. It seems like these people were right if a new job listing found on Microsoft’s website is anything to go by. The company is apparently now looking for a Senior Program Manager to work on “one of the most popular video games of all time.” The listing also mentions that this game has a “community that is among the most active and passionate in the world.” Sounds a little bit like Minecraft, right?

Thus far, the job listing doesn’t mention anything about a sequel, but there are a few more hints further down. This Senior Program Manager will not work on any existing titles as he will be tasked with leading his team from the “initial concept development through to shipping a high-quality experience.” Granted, it may not be a sequel, but the description definitely suggests a new title in an already established franchise that happens to be one of the most popular of all time. Some other ones spring to mind as well, but Minecraft would be my main choice because of the mention regarding the active and passionate community. Interestingly enough, the description contains some other clues that hint at something a little bit different than Minecraft, which is why this new game could actually be some sort of a spin-off rather than a direct sequel.

According to the listing, this new game will be an “education based title” available on “multiple platforms.” Now, Minecraft does a good job at promoting creativity, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it an educational game. It certainly sounds interesting though, there’s no denying that. The fact that it will be available on multiple platforms pretty much rules out the possibility of Halo or most of Microsoft’s other popular franchises which are only available on Xbox consoles. As it stands, it definitely sounds like something related to Minecraft, but take this with a grain of salt until we manage to learn some more details.