Game of Thrones: – Ep 2: ‘The Lost Lords’ first look trailer.

Telltale Games has released, earlier today, a first look trailer for their upcoming title: Game of Thrones Episode 2 The Lost Lords. The trailer had been announced yesterday, the 21st of January, via twitter and comes as part of a pre-launch promotional campaign.The company, which specializes in making graphical adventure and spin-off versions of popular franchises such as Borderlands, Minecraft and the Walking Dead has been working on a new episode for its Game of Thrones series which will be published on February 3rd on PS3, PS4 and PC/Mac, February 4th on Xbox 360 and Xbox One and February 5th on IOS and Android devices.

Game of Thrones ‘The lost Lords’ is an episodic point and click adventure whose story is loosely based on both the written and the TV version of the original story.¬†Players follow the story of House Forrester. Although the house is only a minor one, ¬†not yet presented in the TV series, the player will still have the chance to meet some of the major characters, voiced by the TV series actors. As with the first episode, players will be able to influence the course of the story, as the game gives them the ability to take decisions through a series of multiple choice questions and quick time events.

Main events in the story will unfold regardless of the player choices but details and NPCs will dynamically change according to them. The game allows players to re-play through sections and to experience all of the effects of their choices. Telltale is planning to release a total of six episodes for this particular franchise which will be announced later in 2015, all based on adaptations from the Game of Thrones novels and TV series and linked in a single story.