Galaxy S6 aka Project Zero rumor round-up: release date and specs

Project Zero, as the Galaxy S6 redesigning project has been dubbed by Samsung, is supposed to be in the works and ready for a March release. The most recent leaks regarding the Galaxy S6 release date suggest that Samsung will be ready to unveil the device at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in March. Most likely, Samsung will hold its own event ahead of the MWC kick-off on March 2nd, probably a few days ahead of the show. At the dedicated event, we should see the Galaxy S6 and maybe even the rumored Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones.

Project Zero is the code-name for the Samsung Galaxy S6 because at the end of IFA Berlin 2014, the South Korean smartphone giant promised that it would start the building and designing process of the Galaxy S6 from scratch. We can’t say if the company has kept its promise yet, as the handset hasn’t been made official, but we can certainly hope it did.

Rumors about the Galaxy S6 and its innovative counterpart, the Galaxy S6 Edge have been piling up for the past few weeks and we’ve a good guess as to how the smartphone will end up looking like. New rumors suggest that Qualcomm is readying a special Snapdragon 810 CPU for the Galaxy S6, but others say that Samsung might opt for its in-house CPU, Exynos. 3 or 4 GB RAM memory is expected on the flagship, depending on what kind of storage configurations will be available. We might see Samsung following in the footsteps of Apple and including a 128 GB internal storage variant into the upcoming line-up.

The Galaxy S6 will most likely tout a 5.5 inch display with a QHD resolution, but 4K resolution has been a pretty hot discussion among Samsung officials lately, so we might be in for a surprise. Most Android techies say that they would rather have a FHD resolution smartphone with a massive battery than a QHD resolution smartphone with a one-day battery life. That’s most likely because there are little applications and games that truly take advantage of the enormously high resolution seen on the LG G4, Galaxy Note 4 or Nexus 6.

The Galaxy S6 Edge display might be rounded off, sliding off the chassis on both sides of the headphone, according to rumors. The Galaxy Note Edge had an edge display only on the right side, which makes it difficult to use for lefties. Two edge displays might resolve this and might make the Galaxy S6 Edge one of the most innovative devices as of yet. That is unless Xiaomi launches the concept “Xiaomi Arch” smartphone ahead of MWC 2015. We shall see!

The camera setup should include a 20.7 MP sensor on the rear of the Galaxy S6, equipped with optical image stabilization. Some said that maybe the company will consider optical zoom, like Asus did for the ZenFone Zoom, but we find that an unlikely development. The front camera should end up being a 5 MP one with a wide-angle lens to go with the selfie trend of late. On the software side, we are hearing rumors that Samsung is completely redesigning TouchWiz, too, which would be awesome. Another scenario has also found its way up the rumor mill, including the Iconic UX Samsung has been working on, as a replacement for TouchWiz. That would be most interesting, indeed.

A full metal unibody is most likely the design-choice for the Galaxy S6 aka Project Zero, as Samsung has recognized that users want premium rather than faux chrome that chips off after a week. The pursuit for a premium Samsung phone could have ended with the Galaxy Alpha or even the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7, but the Galaxy S6 will most likely be the epitome of premium for the South Korean company. We are anxious for MWC to open its doors in Barcelona already and we’re definitely looking forward to one of the most anticipated smartphone releases of the year: the Galaxy S6.