Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Havoc DLC Now Available On Xbox

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was just released back in November, but that hasn’t stopped Sledgehammer Games and Activision from rolling out new content for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Are you still in the midst of dealing damage with your exoskeleton while hanging out with Kevin Spacey? Don’t worry, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC promises to shake things up so that you can make the most of your futuristic arsenal without getting tired of the gameplay. Everyone knows that the bread and butter of the CoD franchise are the multiplayer battles, and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is no exception. The Havoc DLC pack will come with four brand spanking new multiplayer maps for you to test your mettle against other CoD Advanced Warfare fans. These maps feature diverse landscapes from deserts to futuristic cityscapes that promise to keep co-op fans racking up the kill counts for hours to come.

Horror genre fans will appreciate the Exo Zombies that you’ll get to meet and kill when playing the Havoc DLC. If you’re super into the storyline for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, you’ll be happy to hear that I kept this as spoiler free as possible. (Though, it wasn’t too hard since the gist for zombie creation stories all pretty much variations on the same theme.) Anyway, a futuristic DNA bioweapon somehow malfunctions (surprise!) and infests a secret Atlas research lab with, you guessed it, zombies! The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC will feature co-op and single player battles against these futuristic zombies as you try to survive using your wits, and of course, your exoskeleton.

While playing through Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, did you find yourself thinking that you really, really enjoyed hearing Kevin Spacey’s velvety voice accompany your futuristic battles? I have great news for you then! You can enjoy the dulcet tones of the even more celebrities as you play through the Havoc DLC pack! You’ll have to try and survive the rampaging horde of Exo Zombies with the likes of John Malkovich, Rose Mcgowan, Jon Bernthal, and Bill Paxton. In addition to all new maps, things to kill, and celebrities, you’ll also get access to new weaponry when you purchase the Havoc DLC pack. Are you playing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on PlayStation or PC? Well, I’ve got some bad news for you. So far Activision has not yet revealed when you can get your hands on the Havoc DLC pack.