Final Line-Up of Club Nintendo Rewards are Incredible

Nintendo recently announced that they would be phasing out their Club Nintendo program through the coming year with the final shut-down happening on June 30. A new loyalty program is apparently in the works to compete with the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, but details haven’t been released as of yet.

However, Nintendo did promise one last batch of rewards for members to burn off their remaining coins, and they certainly delivered. The 117 games up for coin exchange don’t just include Virtual Console games but also downloadable Wii U, Wii, and 3DS games. On top of that incredible selection, physical rewards are also being offered. These include a Zelda jigsaw puzzle, a cool retro Mario t-shirt, a Super Smash Bros poster set, and a Majora’s Mask messenger bag, among some other Nintendo merchandise.

The definite draw here is the games. There’s really nothing to lose in spending your coins on Club Nintendo now; you can pick up a seriously hefty haul if you’ve got a pile of fake money saved up. From the classics like Golden Sun (200 coins) and an array of Zelda games (200-250 coins),  to newer games like The Wonderful 101 (600 coins) and Kid Icarus: Uprising (700 coins). There’s something for everyone and that should be taken literally.

If you need a few more coins to get everything you want, remember that no games released after January 20 can be registered- so your new Majora’s Mask 3DS can’t help you wit this. However, registration for older games, surveys, and other coin-earning activities can be completed until March 31. As mentioned, Club Nintendo will shut down on June 30, and all game download codes must be redeemed by July 31. Mark the dates so you don’t forget and miss out on the big final sale. There’s really no reason not to take advantage of the closing offers.

The Club Nintendo website is being hit with heavy loads of traffic after the announcement, so don’t go in trying to buy everything you want now. Game Informer has compiled a complete list of games and merchandise so you can plan your shopping spree.