OnePlus opening a store in Europe soon

OnePlus has begun their expansion in the Fall, opening up a few stores in India and China. Now, the Chinese company behind the 2014 flagship killer phone, the One, decided to expand even more into unknown territory: Europe. OnePlus has announced that it would be opening a new Research and Development center in Europe later this year, although Carl Pei, company CEO hasn’t decided which country they will be going to next just yet.

OnePlus has been in the headlines in the past couple of months thanks to their new custom ROM which has just received a name, OxygenOS, as well as the confirmation that they are working on yet another flagship killer, the OnePlus Two. The Chinese company always gathers a lot of hype through their online contests on their websites, Facebook page and forums, with various themes and prizes. There is a growing number of fans surrounding the company who are proud owners of the cheap OnePlus One and are content with what it has to offer for the low price.

The company is planning to open the R&D center later on in the year and staff have already contacted ex-Sony employees hoping for a collaboration. Even if OnePlus is more of a start-up than a serious corporate organization, people are flocking towards it thanks to their open policy as well as promises of high quality, affordable hardware. The company is showing a lot of promise in the face of major OEMs around the world, such as Samsung, HTC, Apple and Xiaomi. The drive behind the interest is that OnePlus is aiming to offer affordable, yet high quality devices which seem to be en vogue at the moment. Flagship fatigue has set in as people are reticent of buying unlocked phones because they end up costing as much as a month’s pay, and aren’t really fond of two year binding contracts.

That in turn means that OnePlus is among the few who are offering cheap, high-end alternatives to smartphones, headphones, storage devices, cases and more. Their expansion to Europe proves that the company is being supported internationally and is on the right track. We are readying for an announcement about OxygenOS on February 12, when OnePlus will be detailing their new open operating system which will probably end up running on the OnePlus Two. We are curious to see which country Carl Pei chooses as their next destination and how far will they get in expansion this year.