Japanese Players can Already Pre-Register for New Title “Sonic Runners”

Just yesterday, Sonic Team teased their newest title featuring the blue blur: Sonic Runners. However, Sonic Team doesn’t waste any time, as just this morning they announced that Japanese players are not only able to ‘pre-register’ (not unlike a cashless preorder) the game, but if they do so with a valid email address, they get extra goodies.

Sonic Runners is a new game developed for mobile devices by Sonic Team, much in the tradition of previous mobile titles Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump. It’s a 2-D side-scroller in which Sonic is constantly running, and you make him jump by tapping the touch-screen. With better timing comes a higher score, and there are even hidden routes for more advanced players to find for an even better score. According to Famitsu, Sonic Runners separates itself from its forebears by clinging to more classic elements, such as two-minute or so long stages, loop-de-loops, Dr. Eggman boss battles, and even the appearance of some of Sonic’s friends as unlockable characters. The game, much like other mobile games of its type, will use a free-to-play business model, with items and extra goodies available for those willing to pay for them.

This sudden pre-registration announcement was dropped in this Japanese tweet, which translates to: “Sorry for the wait! Pre-registration for Sonic Runners is starting today! The game will be released in spring of 2015! Have fun~!” To pre-register for the game, players can go to the Japanese website, choose their platform (iOS or Android), and enter in a valid email address. Those who pre-register the game will get a rare “Golden Pig” item, though the website doesn’t explain exactly what it does.

The Japanese version of Sonic Runners is slated for this Spring, but there is no definite release date for the English version. The website simply says “2015”, and Sonic Team has released no updates concerning the English version, which means that the promotional item could very well be a Japanese-only feature.

If you want to watch Sonic Runners’ trailer,  you can watch the video below: