Nude Maker releases First Gameplay Trailer for Clock Tower Successor “NightCry”

Nude Maker has released the first gameplay trailer for their newest Horror title, NightCry. Touted as a spiritual successor to creator Hifumi Kono’s cult horror hit, Clock Tower, you play as a university student on a cruise ship, on which there also just so happens to have a cult opening the door to Hell and a deranged scissor-wielding murderer on board. It launched on Kickstarter 10 days ago in order to fund a possible PC release. After several updates to their Kickstarter page, including the story, characters, and artwork, they finally decided to show off how the game works, and how a potential PC version will look in action.

The gameplay trailer, on the surface, shows what was initially promised: it is a point-and-click horror adventure. Much like its inspiration, Clock Tower, important objects in NightCry are highlighted with a circular icon when you move the cursor over them. You click around to move the protagonist, Monica Flores, and talk to people. You can also search the environment for clues, objects, and any means to defend yourself when cornered. If there are no objects that Monica can defend herself with, she can sneak around and hide in various objects around the ship, such as closets and cardboard boxes. Unlike Clock Tower, there is no slow, lumbering killer that you can easily give the slip. NightCry’s Scissorwalker hurries behind you as you go, and if you take too long to find a hiding spot, you will have to double back and try to find somewhere else. There are other mechanics as well, such as a smartphone item and a blinking red cursor while in hiding spaces, but so far there is no distinct information on what these mechanics could be used for in the final game.

The team also announced that, if funded, the PC version of NightCry will not only be released on Steam, but will be available on for those who want a DRM-free option. Other websites, such as and the Humble store are not out of the question, either. Regardless of whether or not their Kickstarter Campaign is successful, NightCry will be released on Mobile platforms and Playstation Vita.

If you wish to watch NightCry’s gameplay trailer, you may do so here: