Dreadnought Info Revealed in Gameplay

New gameplay footage of an internal playtest has surfaced for the slow-paced, free-to-play action shooter Dreadnought, showing off 10-plus minutes of a five-one-five Deathmatch with commentary, which highlight two new ships, abilities and weapons that players can expect in the final build of the game. The footage itself, however, contains pre-Alpha gameplay and may not be representative of the final product.

It’s not just gamers who are demonstrating the game, but two of Dreadnought’s designers take their time to show off and commentate on the new support Light Tactical Cruiser and the assault Light Destroyer, all whilst playing on the game’s glacier map. The two go into detail of how the new ships play in combat. Beforehand, though,they introduced Dreadnought’s pre-game lobby, which is where players will be able switch between five different ship classes and customize their chosen ships accordingly.

Aside from the new ships, the designers also demonstrate new weapons and abilities. The Plasma Ram, for example, is an ability that enables ships to physically ram other ships if they unfortunately happen to be within close range. Rapid Fire and Target Warp are also another abilities featured in the gameplay commentary. These abilities can be used in addition to attacking regularly with broadside barrages, anti-missile lasers and tactical nuclear strikes. The full Deathmatch footage can be viewed below.

In Dreadnought, players take command of (relatively) massive capital ships to fight in either high orbit or near a planet’s surface, There are five classes to choose from, each with their specialized abilities and purposes: The Dreadnought; the Destroyer; the Corvette; the Artillery Cruiser; and the Tactical Cruiser. The Dreadnought (the game’s namesake) is able to tank a lot incoming fire, as well as dish it out in spades. However, it’s a slow, lumbering beast in addition to being a very large target. Information on the four other ships can be read via the game’s official website.

Developed by the creator of Spec Ops: The Line, Yager Developments, Dreadnought is currently slated to release later one this year for PC, and is promised to have an episodic, story-driven singleplayer campaign. The multiplayer is where the meat of the game reportedly lies, however.