GAME Stocks Heroes of the Storm Beta Keys

The United Kingdom’s videogame retailer, GAME, announced in a press release today that it would be exclusively stocking digital codes for Heroes of the Storm’s Founder’s Pack, which includes a key to gain access to the game’s Closed Beta. The Pack will set gamers back £29.99, and will offer in-game gold, three characters (with a skin for each) and a golden mount.

Blizzard revealed in January that gamers would be able to buy their way into Heroes of the Storm’s Closed Beta, which went live a few days beforehand. The price of the Founder’s Pack has still remained the same in the United Kingdom since the price tags were first announced. This is apparently the first time the GAME retail chain has offered digital content codes of Blizzard titles, the press release claims.

GAME’s category director, Charlotte Knight, also indicated that Blizzard’s Founder’s Pack deal with the retailer will be an exclusive offer to gamers wanting to access Heroes of the Storm’s Closed Beta. “For [GAME], offering the Heroes of the Storm Founder’s Pack is another step in expanding [GAME’s] digital range and helping gamers get their hands on as much gaming content as possible,” Knight commented in the press release. “The Blizzard franchises have a huge following, so it’s great to make this content accessible in as many channels as possible.”

Aside from offering a key to the game’s Closed Beta, Heroes of the Storm’s Founder’s Pack gives would-be players extra in-game goodies to have fun with, including an assortment of gold, characters, and skins for those characters. By redeeming the code provided, players will receive 2,500 gold and will permanently have Diablo, Jim Raynor and Tyrande Whisperwind unlocked. Each of these characters will have one skin unlocked for them as well. Additionally, the Pack will even grant access to a golden cyberwolf, which is a different version of one of the game’s mounts. Further information on the Pack can be found via

Heroes of the Storm is a free-to-play MOBA that’s currently being developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It features characters across the developer’s franchises (such as Jim Raynor, Tyrael and Thrall), and pits them all against each other in a variety of battlegrounds. The battlegrounds themselves each have their own strategic objectives, which can potentially game-changing if achieved at the right time. More information on Heroes of the Storm can also be found on For a more quick look, Blizzard has produced a video that outlines the new features that have been introduced with the game’s Closed Beta, which can be viewed below.