Blackguards 2 Video Details New Monsters

In a press release published today, Blackguards developer Daedalic Entertainment revealed a video that showcases four new enemies that appear in Blackguards 2. These enemies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they can also be controlled if players find and play musical spells on Hell Organs.

The developer’s latest video to its series of showing off what the Blackguards sequel features includes a look at the new monsters that were introduced with Blackguards 2. Among these new enemies are Leapers, who – as their name implies – can leap great distances across the battlefield. These enemies in particular are touted to cause players to rethink their cover and movement, so as to not be cut off by them. Another new monster is the Sand Ghost, who uses area-of-effect abilities to capture and hold units whilst dealing damage to them.

The Jasper Wood creatures are hybrids of nature and machine parts, which can take a lot of damage whilst also dishing it out. What’s more is that they are protected on all sides by beehives, which generate a shield of bees for the creature. These hives will have to be destroyed first before getting to the Jasper Wood. Another hybrid creature splices insects with humans. These monsters typically feature four arms and wings, and are capable of wielding both close- and long-ranged weapons. A very rare breed of these insect-human beasts can even use magic. The four-minute long video itself has been embedded below, which explains each of the four new monsters (and also how to control them) in more detail.

Based on the popular pen and paper adventure The Dark Eye (one of Europe’s “most best-known fantasy RPG universe since 1984,” according to the press release), Blackguards 2 is the sequel to Daedalic Entertainment’s Blackguards, where a group of anti-heroes banded together to save the world.

In Blackguards 2, some of the best-known characters will return. Cassia, the protagonist of Blackguards 2, is looking for the three survivors of the previous game to help secure her place on the Shark Throne, a goal she intends to complete at any cost. While shadows of their former selves, the three survivors, Naurim, Zurbaran and Takate, team up together to help Cassia. According to the game’s overview on Deadalic’s official website, the SRPG will still retain its turn-based gameplay, but will also feature revised, optimized and simplified rules over its predecessor. The game is now available via Steam.