“Unboxing” Video Details Total War: Attila Special Edition

Creative Assembly has published an “unboxing” video of the Special Edition for the forthcoming Total War: Attila via YouTube today, featuring two of its developers unboxing the package in two different ways. While deliberately produced to be comical, no thoroughly detailed unboxing actually takes place throughout the video, aside from snippets of information interspersed between shots. A full inventory of the Special Edition is later listed, however.

The title of the video plays on words with unboxing and Hun, while Creative Assembly’s Will and Craig are tasked with “unboxing” the Total War: Atilla Special Edition. While the video itself doesn’t show much of actual unboxing, it does detail what will be bundled with the game at the end. In the meantime, one of the two Creative Assembly developers is chased down by horseback archers while trying to unbox the game, whilst another unboxes it over a hot beverage. The “Hunboxing” video has been embedded below (note: features fake blood).

According to more detailed information on the official Total War wiki, the included biography of the Special Edition will be 64 pages long and will be published by renowned military history specialists, Osprey Publishing. Written by Nic Fields, the brand-new Atilla The Hun Biography “is based on the latest academic research and theories” relating to history’s infamous warlords. The biography itself is only available exclusively with the Special Edition of Total War: Atilla at this time.

Meanwhile, the double-sided poster details the game’s campaign on side while displaying a comprehensive reference guide for the in-game factions on the other. The packaged Viking Forefathers Culture Pack also adds three new factions: The Danes, The Jutes and The Geats – each of which sport their own land and sea units, missions and traits.

Total War: Attila is set in 395 AD, during the Dark Ages, and is touted to feature a new “raze” mechanic that’ll allow gamers to literally burn entire cities to the ground. The game is also said to sport improved core gameplay, which includes optimized enhancements to features like politics, family trees, civil management and technological progression. On that note, authentic period-specific technologies, religions and cultures are promised to be delivered with Total War: Attila, and the game itself is boasted to have “outstanding visual fidelity.”

The Special Edition is currently available to pre-order for $44.99 / £21.85 via Amazon. Total War: Attila itself is slated to release on Tuesday, February 17th for PC. The game is also available on Steam.