Contrast Developer Teases Next Project

Compulsion Games has teased a new project that they have in the works. The developer has revealed that the new project is not a sequel to their 2013 puzzle platformer Contrast. It will involve “masks, drugs and memory loss, but we swear it’s not a swinger’s party.” The company has release two images that seem to show off the game’s visual style. This new project may also include the concept of a “talking mask.” Compulsion Games’ site includes an “About Us” section. It indicates that they “make games because we’re excited about them, and about the concepts and ideas they contain (like shadow shifting, or a talking mask).” Compulsion Games’ newest project seems to continue their tradition of making games about “real people in sometimes ridiculous worlds.” No further details are available at this time, however further reveals are expected in March 2015.

The team at Compulsion Games is “11 people squatting in an old gramophone factory in Saint Henri, Montréal.” However these veterans of the video game industry know how to make a great game. Their work speaks for itself. Contrast allows players to experience an amazing world. The game is set in a noir atmosphere in the 1920’s. It follows a little girl, Didi, and her imaginary friend, Dawn. They sneak out once the sun has set and go on an adventure that will change their world and their understanding of it.

Players control Dawn who is able to switch between being a normal 3D figure and a 2D shadow at will. The game’s puzzles come in the form of multidimensional puzzles that will have Dawn switching between 3D and 2D. Players will also be able to reach new areas by manipulating various sources of light, like spotlights and film projectors. All other characters are shadows in this world, however they interact with it as if they were “real.” Only Dawn and Didi seem to be special. Contrast is all about exploring the world and uncovering its mysteries.

Sources: Gamespot