Hitman Missions Available Through Arma 3 Mods

The Arma series has been the source of many popular mods. The best known one is DayZ, a survival simulator, set during a zombie apocalypse. This Arma 2 mod proved to be incredibly popular. As a result, the developer behind the Arma series, Bohemia Interactive, decided to work with the modder to bring a standalone version of DayZ to PCs. Now, an interesting take on the classic Hitman series caught the eye of our colleagues at PC Gamer.

Steam user Helios has created a series of mods for Arma 3 that are based around missions from the Hitman series. These scenarios allow players to take out targets in hostile environments with some of the weapons and abilities of the series’ protagonist, Agent 47. This includes using a variety of disguises that allow players to access restricted areas. A poison syringe allows the assassin to take out a target quickly and quietly without resorting to the silenced pistol. A variety of weapons and disguises are available at various drop points across the map. These mods allow players to accomplish their objectives in any way. However being discovered means almost certain death.

The Hitman games are a series of stealth titles from developer IO Interactive. These games challenge players to find the best way to kill targets without alerting any enemies. Helios’ scenarios are based on Hitman: Blood Money. This title focused on giving players individual missions as part of a broader narrative. Players were free to tackle a mission in any way, however stealth would always be rewarded. Hitman: Blood Money allowed players far more freedom when dealing with enemies and targets. Useful environmental hazards that were present in past games became far more prominent. The ability to hide bodies was revamped in this entry in the series. Previous titles allowed players to drag a body to a secluded location. Now bodies could be hidden in a variety of places without any risk of them being discovered. Players were able to take on missions that ranged from dealing with an informant to stopping the assassination of the President of the United States.