Major Armello Update Teased

Armello developer, League of Geeks, has teased (via Pixel Dynamo) the first major update for this RPG. The Wicked & The Wanted v0.3.1. update will introduce 10 new cards. This update will allow players to “influence Armello’s courts or sink the Kingdom into darkness.” It will introduce new dark spells, items, tricks and a “torturous” treasure. A new feature that will be part of this update is the ability to play cards to King’s Guards and Banes. No release date has been announced for The Wicked & The Wanted, however more details will be revealed on February 11th.

Armello is a title that combines RPG elements with the strategic play of card and board games. Player will become the ‘Hero’ of one of the four animal clans (Rat, Rabbit, Bear and Wolf) in this swashbuckling adventure. Each clan has only one goal in mind. The player must conquer the land for the good of Armello’s inhabitants. Heroes will quest, scheme, vanquish monsters, follow the edicts of the Mad King and destroy other players. All for the goal of ridding the land of a corrupt ruler and becoming the next King or Queen of Armello.

This title is League of Geeks’ first video game project. The team is directed by veterans of the video game industry, who have a collective 40 years of experience developing video games. Armello was originally developed for and released on the iPad. A Kickstarter campaign was launched in April 2014. It was meant to fund the game’s continued development and support releasing the title on PC, Mac and Linux platforms through Steam. League of Geeks was able to fund the game’s development and hit stretch goals. Those goal include the release of Android and Windows tablet versions of the game. Armello was released on January 22, 2015 as part of the Steam Early Access Program. No final release date has been announced, however the game is expected to exit Early Access in March 2015.