Turok 3: Shadow Of Oblivion Remastered gets a fresh update

After its release towards the end of last year, the remastered version of Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion, a first-person shooter, has just been updated.

If you haven’t tried the remaster yet, it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you enjoyed the original game. Just keep in mind that there’s no multiplayer mode. The game’s overall traits include its high speed and intense violence, as well as its skillfully designed stages and enjoyable combat mechanics.

Nightdive has released the comprehensive patch notes for the latest update, detailing various fixes, improvements, and additional features. Here is the complete overview (via Steam):

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered Update

Hello Everyone! We have a new patch available for Turok 3, and Steam will automatically download it for you. Here are the Patch Notes:

Increased Joshua’s movement speed to be the same as Joseph
– Raptor now starts with the Razor Wind and can use the Minigun and Napalm Cannon
– Increased Raptor Claws damage radius to be the same as the Tomahawk and Knife as well as damage the same surface types
– The player will no longer survive when a cutscene is active and the silo countdown sequence timer runs out
– Changed weapon ammo consumption for: Shredder from 2 to 3, Fireswarm from 5 to 4, Sniper from 1 to 5
– Fixed Minigun consuming more ammo than it should have
– Cerebral Bore crosshair now flashes when locked on to an enemy to match the original behaviour. Added a half second delay before the Burst/Possessor can be detonated
– Fixed Vampire Gun having infinite range. Increased speed of health drain. Fixed model animations
– PSG changes: New Shockwave effect. Slightly increased shot delay. Removed crosshair to match original. No longer kills all enemies in the level when it explodes
– You can no longer fire weapons if you don’t have the minimum amount of required ammo
– Fixed stuck arrows causing accumulated damage
– Fixed issue with FOV slider not displaying the correct value
– Credits screen now plays multiple music tracks
– Fixed some player collision issues
– corrected some english subtitles
– Fixed scope and night vision goggle inputs when playing at 30fps
– Fixed grapple projectile trails from getting really big when it connected to a grapple sphere when playing at 30fps
– Weapon Wheel can not be enabled while transitioning from or to a level
– Fixed water fog bug when possessed enemy dies under water
– Fixed bug with possessing an enemy while camera view is active
– Lava clogger in Alpha Fireborn level cannot be triggered until the boss appears
– Renamed Old Man to Otto as that was the name given to him found in an Acclaim design doc
– Night Vision and Weapon Scope are deactivated when a cinema starts
– Fixed horizontal alignment of boss health bar and psg parts in the status menu
– Extended Oblivions chest mouth collision box. Oblivion’s health is reduced to 1 when he enters his Regen state. Fixed bug that would cause a crash while fighting Oblivion
– Fixed Joshua from playing one of his death animations whenever he went idle. He will now randomly play one of his death animations when you defeat him
– Added menu option to change weapon on pickup
– Fixed a save bug when the player dies
– Fixed a bug where the game would not save after playing certain cinemas
– Any inventory items dropped from enemies will respawn if the player doesn’t have them and they re-enter the level
– Fixed up collision around the corners of the guard tower rooms in the level “The Military Base”
– Fixed a bug that would make the short ladder in the Boiler room of the level “Unexpected Help” hard to climb
– Fixes to climbable surfaces on the ladders in the levels “Staging Area”, “Power Outage”, and “Seal The Breach”
– Added lights in front of stopped subway car in “Power Outage”
– Fixed a geometry issue in “The Breach”. You could see the sky from inside the elevator
– Fixed minor geometry and collision issues in “To the Subway”
– The very slow moving platforms in “The Gauntlet” now move 40% faster, and the Death Gaurds in that section now lead their shots
– Changed the warhead disarmed levers surface type from flesh to metal
– Adjusted Oblivion Gunship intro and death animation positioning
– Enemies that had a 1 frame “shocked” animation now have proper animations when they get brain-drilled or electrocuted
– Corrected Joshua’s “scary” eyes in cinemas
– Fixed Dani’s upper body stuttering animation in the porch cinema
– Fixed Oblivion larva not reacting to “The Light” when it’s killed in the end game cinema
– Reduced collision size of the Oblivion spinny machine that was placed in the next room right after you defeat Oblivion
– The compys that could spawn infinitely on the ramp in “Generator Room” will now only spawn up to 6
– Fixed indoor/outdoor train sounds in the level “Train Ride”
– Increased the touch radius of the elevator button in the level “Rec Room”
– Added sound for the Magmite enemies when they attack or die
– Restored some missing grunt effects during Oblivion’s transformation cinema
– Fixed the ambience sound not playing during Dani and Joseph’s intro cinemas
– Fix for Alpha Fireborn falling out of the world
– Game is now saved after defeating Joshua and the save slot will now show an icon indicating you’ve completed the game
– Fixed incorrect health silhouette showing for a brief second at the start of a level
– ammo counter now slides up with the health display at the start of the level
– Fixed the door in the level “The Back Alleys” from not opening in Josephs path if you open it and re-enter the level
– The scared office civilian in the level “The Back Alleys” won’t run out until the player has entered the room
– Subway crash cinema will now save the players number of deaths
– Fixed sceptre face statue from showing the sceptre after it’s been collected and re-entering the “Temple of the Damned” level
– Lowered Opisthors Health to match the n64 during his first 4 phases. And the “Blocked” sign texture now animates
– Fixed Opisthor from attacking while the player was touching the button and he was starting to submerge
– Dead Ligatrixs’ will no longer spawn their gibs at the start of the level
– Fixed Magmites and Legionnaires not being able to enter or exit the lava water in levels such as the “Burning Passage”
– Fixed a bug that prevented enemies from seeing you across the water in the level “Temple of the Damned”
– Faded out lightning sfx transition much faster during Joshuas ending cinema so you can hear him saying “Hey, Sis…”
– The Warlord will now avoid the trap door and be able to attack the player if already standing in the trigger area when he appears
– The Warlords health is set to 1 when he enters his Regen state and his health bar is now displayed correctly when re-entering his area
– The elevator in the level “Seal The Breach” will now reach the bottom on it’s first cycle
– Increased warp point radius in levels “Power Outage”, “Hit The Lights”, and “Narrow Passage”
– When enemies become visible it now also checks if they’re in the players view before creating the spawn particle effect
– Corrected Scientist/Civilian low-resolution face models
– Modding: Loading models and RaxInfo through kpf files will now work correctly, and updated the assets.7z file
– Modding: Extended scripting features
– Level Editor: You can now change the UI Scale, better object selection options, able to insert light object, added tooltips, creating maps with new ids no longer require a restart

We hope you enjoy the update! We will be keeping an eye on the forums, so please let us know what you think of the update. Thank you for your continued support! Daniel G. Nightdive Studios.