Creators of Halo release sci-fi FPS Midnight Star for iOS

Alex Seropian, founder of Bungie and Paul Bertone, Halo’s design lead have released a sci-fi themed FPS on iOS. The game they call Midnight Star will also have the likes of Serj Tankian, singer for the popular rock band System of a Down doing the music and Hugo-award winning John Scalzi writing the story. The names attached to the project may be impressive but as a post from Eurogamer stated; “It’s easy to be skeptical of shooters on mobile devices”. This free app puts players on board a research vessel as 2nd Lt. Charles Campbell, ready to explore a signal coming from within our solar system. Those on board suddenly finds themselves transported across the galaxy to fight and help “determine the fate of humanity.” Players will also be faced with “deep space, a strange alien landscape and a war that has long since been lost.” according to the creators.

Midnight Star offers many features, including the graphics quality that comes from the Unreal Engine and the ability to upgrade weaponry, skills and ships. Players may even compete around in the world in multiplayer challenges and open events. The story plays out much like an ” interactive graphic novel experience” according to the app’s iTunes page. Midnight Star has had many great reviews from sites earning themselves praise such as; “It’s first-person shooting boiled down to the tastiest morsels” from Polygon, and “Midnight Star doesn’t play like any shooter I’ve seen before” from IGN.

The app that may just break mobile device FPS stereotype is free to download now. Midnight Star released today for iOS for iPhone 4sor above and iPad 2 or above.

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