Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Reveals Screenshots, Weapons, Trailer

Despite pushing back its release by a bit last month, Koei Tecmo has continued give updates about the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires. The latest news drop was a big one, reported on by Niche Gamer, releasing the list of weapons available for character use, the opening cinematic for the game, and all new screenshots that show conversation, battles, character customization, and other game mechanics.

The weapon glossary contains ninety-two different kinds of equipment in Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires. There are both classically Eastern and Western style arms in both realistic and fantastical variations. The different weapons also provide for both close and ranged combat with bows balancing out the swords and aces. A character can use anything from a club to a double-edge trident to a dragon spear.

Both the opening cinematic and the new screenshots for Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires give a look at many of the characters from the game as well as the challenges that the player will face in battle. Some of the weapons from the official list are prominently highlighted.

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires is the latest in a long-running series of Dynasty Warriors spin-offs developed by Omega Force. The focus is taken away from the historical figures fighting for power in the Three Kingdoms of China to instead create a play-centric, individual experience. Players can choose their own styles to earn promotions, make slanderous statements, get married, deal with successions of rulers, and other challenges. Strategic gameplay is the key for a player to create an original and personalized experience.

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires will be coming out on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. It will hit North America on February 24 and Europe a few days later on February 27.

Check out the opening cinematic and some of the best screenshots for Dynasty Warriors: Empires below.