The Lost Vikings join Heroes of The Storm Roster

Blizzard has announced the introduction of The Lost Vikings, a new character for Heroes of the Storm. Directly from the 1992 platformer title with the same name, the trio (Olaf, Baleog and Erik) is now playable as a hero in Blizzard’s MOBA. Considered to be one of the hardest characters to master, The Lost Vikings can be controlled separately. Each viking has its own set of unique stats and can move, attack and be killed on its own. The vikings can also be ordered to move as a group. If killed, each member of The Lost Vikings will trigger its own re-spawn timer.

Although the player is technically controlling three characters at once, The Lost Vikings’ special abilities include three basic abilities, a mount, a trait and two heroic abilities exactly like any other hero. The basic abilities are Spin to Win!, a skill that deals area damage around each viking, Jump!, which allows the characters to temporarily become invulnerable,  and Norse Force! which grants the vikings a shield. Thanks to their trait, The Lost Vikings benefit from a reduced re-spawn time after death. Furthermore, the heroic ability Play Again! allows one of the surviving vikings to summon his fallen brothers back onto the field of battle. Longboat Raid! is the second heroic ability: The Lost Vikings sail on a viking longboat as they embark on a journey to bring death and destruction to the enemy team.

The Lost Vikings are playable right now for all of those who participate to the Heroes Of The Storm closed beta and will be there for the others once the game is released. The latest patch also included some minor changes to the game. Some of the graphical effects, music and skins have been modified and the User Interface is being reworked to make it more responsive and easier to use. A detailed list of changes can be found in the blog section of Blizzard’s website.