Bloodborne Gives a Glimpse of Its Incredible Music

In a video featured on both IGN First and the PlayStation Blog, From Software and Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios gave a three minute peek into the making of the music of Bloodborne. The sweeping orchestral score is as eerie and bone-chilling as promised. In his post alongside the video, Chuck Doud, Director of Music at SCE WWS, emphasized that their team alongside partners From Software and Japan Studios wanted to make sure that Bloodborne had “one of the most original, beautiful, and hair-raising scores you’ll hear in a video game.”

This was accomplished with the use of a 65 piece orchestra, a 32 piece choir, and many featured instrumental and vocal solos. Over 90 minutes of music ended up being mixed at the PlayStation recording studios in San Mateo. The music itself was recorded in London at Abbey Road and Air Studios, and it was composed by some staff composers in From Software with some additional content from guest composers. The video is a taping of one of the recording sessions; watching the sound come out of the musicians themselves hammers home just how daringly difficult and hugely ambitious the Bloodborne score is.

Doud attributed the success of the music to how it “authentically reflects the character and mood of the game.” The full picture of the game’s atmosphere and music as well as just how incredibly hard Bloodborne is going to be can be seen in the recent video that showcased the first eighteen minutes of the game. The composition of the music throughout the process was informed and inspired by the original creative vision behind the game.

Bloodborne casts the player as a traveler who has made a pilgrimage to the ancient city of Yharnam under legend of a mythical medical cure for many afflictions. However, it turns out that Yharnam is also cursed with streets of terrible creatures, beasts, and mobs stricken with a mysterious illness. The game is currently scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4 on March 24. Check out the video of the making of Bloodborne’s score below.