Pushbullet update now lets you answer Hangouts, WhatsApp from the desktop

Pushbullet is one of my favorite apps because it pushes all the notifications from my phone, including e-mails, phone calls, text messages, Hangouts messages and WhatsApp messages to my laptop. Moreover, Pushbullet also lets me act on those notifications from my desktop and sends me either to the Facebook website or extensions on Chrome, or to a desktop application that I have linked to Pushbullet. It’s a very neat and easy program to use and it helps a ton, especially if you misplace your phone or forget it somewhere. It’s also handy for when you just don’t want to pick your phone up and would rather see what’s happening and act on it directly from the desktop.

Today, Pushbullet rolled out a very important update to the Android and desktop applications. Starting now, you can easily answer WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Telegram, Line and Facebook Messenger. That means that once you want to act on a message notification, Pushbullet will serve you with its own window in which you can easily asnwer your texts. Sometimes, the app misfires and the text message isn’t sent, you should know that. But Pushbullet seems to be constantly improving these services, so I expect the new features to work flawlessly in a few days or weeks tops.

Besides giving you the possibility of acting on notifications, Pushbullet acts as a mirror between a mobile device like a phone or tablet and your PC or laptop. It makes file transfers, link sending, text messaging, note sending and anything else you can think much easier. You can send a link you found on your phone directly to the Chrome browser (or your PC, or your email, or another browser, or through a message, or to Facebook, you name it) and have it open there so that you can view the contents of the website on the bigger screen. It also saves a lot of the pushes so that you can always track what you’re sharing with who. Pushbullet users can easily connect to each other, too. At the same time, you can use Pushbullet to send files and links to other computers and email addresses.