Hand of Fate Launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Defiant Development has announced in a press today that it’s successfully Kickstarter-funded RPG rogue-like, Hand of Fate, has finally left Early Access and has officially launched via Steam for PC. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the title are also available in both North America and Europe. The game is currently available at a reduced price on Steam, which offers a 20 percent discount from its initial £18.99 price tag – it now costs £15.19 up until Tuesday, Febraury 24th.

In Hand of Fate, players begin their journey in a remote cabin located somewhere at the edge of the world. The journey itself, along with equipment, events, enemies, surprises and encounters, is constructed from cards drawn from an in-game deck, with masked figure being the dealer. It’s described that some situations in Hand of Fate will present players with completely game-changing choices, while others will have them fight for their lives. When entering combat, Hand of Fate switches from a card game to a third-person action game, where the players engage enemies like they would in other third-person sword-swinging action-adventure titles.

Offering a “breathtaking fantasy world where human inhabitants struggle for survival,” The game includes 465 cards, each with their own pieces of equipment; different decisions; encounters; enemies and bosses. Speaking of which, there will be 13 bosses and 24 kinds of enemies to fight against in the game. It’s also touted that Hand of Fate will feature over 1,000 lines of dialogue and more than 100 game-changing items, including 25 weapons and 13 sets of armour. Currently, Hand of Fate launches with two gamemodes: Story and Endless. Story is the game’s campaign, where players struggle to defeat the dealer. Endless speaks for itself, as players will uses a never-ending deck of cards to journey as far as possible. The better players perform, the higher they will be placed in Hand of Fate’s leaderboad.

“Hand of Fate builds upon the lessons we learned developing other popular games and pushes the envelope by applying table top and collectible card game elements,” says the studio’s director Morgan Jaffit in the press release.  “We combined a captivating fantasy environment with furious-fast paced combat and engrossing story-telling to create an experience that will keep gamers busy for months to come.”

Hand of Fate is the fifth game to be produced by Defiant Development, which has created mobile titles in the past that have garnered countless downloads. The studio has also been awarded as 2014’s Studio of the Year during the Australian Game Developer Awards. Further information on Hand of Fate can be found via its store page on Steam.