Nexus 5 Android 5.2 update surfaces in the wild

The Nexus 5 is one of the most popular Android smartphones on the market and the handset has recently been spotted in a Geekbench benchmark test running none other than Android 5.2. If you’ve been patiently waiting for yet another update to Android 5.1 or similar, you should rejoice as most likely, Google will skip that and send Android 5.2 straight to the Nexus 5 in due time. While these benchmarks aren’t always trustworthy, we can at least speculate that Google is moving ahead with the development of Android Lollipop and that the Nexus 5 should be among the first handsets to receive the Android 5.2 update.

It’s a surprising find which was originally picked up by TechRadar. Since Android 5.1 isn’t even live yet for Nexus devices, it’s weird to see a Nexus 5 running an even newer version. We can’t correctly estimate when the update will be released, but we can hope that Google skips Android 5.1 and lets loose the next version instead. Those who have updated to the new Android software keep on complaining about bugs and faults in the builds, but many forget that software is based on trial and error most of the time.

As is with the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, two of the most bug-ridden devices since the Lollipop rollout began late last year. Google has been trying to mend the issues users have been reporting in the Android Issue Reporter online, and Android 5.2 will hopefully fix all the major bugs we’ve encountered so far. One of the most annoying tidbits in Android Lollipop is the memory leak bug, which makes the entire system manage RAM incorrectly, which in turn leads to apps crashing and restarting. The issue can be temporarily fixed with a reboot or a factory reset, but it’s still a cumbersome task and an annoying bug.

Hopefully, Android 5.2 isn’t far ahead and the Geekbench benchmark is real, so that we can see the new update being delivered to the Nexus 5 as well as other Android devices in the near future. Our best estimate for the final version of the software release date would be sometime in March, maybe in the middle of the month, but take that with a grain of salt as we’ve no confirmation yet.

We are looking forward to having a peek at Android 5.2 on the Nexus 5 in the near future and we hope, just as much as any other Nexus 5 users, that the new update will fix most if not all the issues we’ve encountered with the new software.