Lenovo Vibe Max confirmed for MWC 2015

Lenovo is going to be a big presence at the MWC 2015 this year, with various smartphones coming to the show from the company, including the newly confirmed Lenovo Vibe Max. The Chinese company has been the target of angry customers in the past few days as Superfish, the company’s own adware, was found lurking on laptops all around the world, spamming users with unwanted advertising. Besides the Lenovo Vibe Max, the company is going to bring 5 more smartphones to the MWC this year, so we’re going to have a lot of checking out do to at their booth in March.

The Lenovo Vibe Max is most likely the biggest smartphone in the company’s MWC exhibit, from among the 6 phones spotted by MXPhone. The Vibe Max will most likely aim to take on phablets like the upcoming HTC One M9 Plus with that large display, not to mention the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus. But can it measure up to these behemoths when it comes to specs? The Lenovo Vibe Max is said to come with a QHD resolution, so far so good.

Hardware-wise, MXPhone doesn’t supply us with much information, but the site does give some interesting hints about an NFC chip, a fingerprint sensor, a massive 4000 mAh (or more) battery and AnyPen, allegedly a stylus which will be the first one from the company, coming with the Lenovo Vibe Max.

The other five smartphones Lenovo will be launching at the MWC are the Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro, with a massive camera-setup, the Vibe S1, Vibe P1, Vibe P1 Pro and the Vibe X3. That’s quite the line-up, as there’s a little bit of something for every smartphone lover out there. The Lenovo Vibe Max is clearly for the phablet lovers and will compete against the Galaxy Note 4, the Vibe Z3 Pro is for smartphone photography enthusiasts who like to have a dedicated shutter button on the side of the phone, the Vibe S1 for the selfie- and color-lovers, the Vibe P1 for those who value battery life and a good processor, the Vibe P1 Pro for the phablet-, battery and 4G LTE-fans, the Vibe X3 for those who love quality sound and high-end camera. Which one would you like to have?