OnePlus Two release date might be set for April

The OnePlus Two has been announced as in development last year by the OnePlus team, but no definite release date for the successor to the 2014 flagship killer was disclosed. OnePlus as a company is rapidly growing out of the near-basement startup to an international company that is thinking of expanding into European and American markets. The company has opened up multiple stores in the Asian markets, and has its eyes set on R&D centers in Europe. When the company first came into the limelight, it was because of the super-affordable OnePlus One handset, which brought flagship specifications to users for a mid-range price of between $300 and $350. The company has confirmed that the successor, OnePlus Two is in development and will be launched by the middle of 2015. As they are also working on Oxygen OS, the new custom ROM from OnePlus, we are expecting to see a completely new handset come out with a completely new software, based on Android. The Paranoid Android team is actually working with OnePlus to create the new ROM, which means that it will most likely become the best custom ROM for Android smartphones.

The OnePlus Two release date is in no way confirmed at this point, but OnePlus has hinted at the fact that in April, they would be launching new hardware. Since they don’t generally tease smaller accessory-type things like the Power Bank or headphones ahead of their launch, our guess is that the company is in fact referring to the OnePlus Two release date. Carl Pei has spoken of April as the month when OnePlus will be venturing into a new market, which lead us to believe that the OnePlus Two release date would not only introduce a new smartphone, but a different piece of technology. As usual, not many details were given, save for the fact that the new device the company is working will not be a smart watch or a tablet.

Even though rumors of a OnePlus tablet have been making rounds on the internet in the past couple of months, Carl Pei shot those rumors dead at the MWC 2015 with his comments. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be considered for a future project, so we’re still hopeful. But more likely, OnePlus will launch either a fitness tracker, like HTC did with the Grip, or a set-top box, although that latter doesn’t seem very viable at the moment. We’re also thinking home automation, at this point, as the Internet of Things seems to be getting more and more cozy within this industry. Who knows, if OnePlus comes up with something truly interesting, the company might not have to deal with ruts like last year ever again. As the OnePlus Two is being developed and will most likely be released alongside the mystery-gadget in April, we’re sure that the new portfolio from the Chinese company will impress. We don’t know if the invite system valid for the OnePlus One will still be in use by the time the newer smartphone is out. But since we can now actually order the flagship killer every Tuesday of the week, we’re guessing production has been ramped up and funds have been pumped into the company for faster delivery of new products.

Don’t take our word for it, as it is just a hunch that the OnePlus Two release date is set for April. We advise taking this information with a grain of salt, but consider that the timeline would be right for a new product launch. After all, man people are looking forward to yet another affordable flagship smartphone. If OnePlus keeps their pricing just as neat as they did with the original OnePlus One, we might just have a revolutionary era on our hands, where people dump the practice of buying flagships smartphones with expensive two-year contracts and opt for unlocked OnePlus Two units for maybe less than half the price of big flagships like the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or HTC One M9. What kind of features would you like to see in the OnePlus Two if it is launched in April? Moreover, how much would you be willing to pay for it? We’ll have more on the subject after the MWC is over and we can have a pleasant conversation with the company. That is, if they decide to let us know when the new smartphone coming. If not, we’ll certainly gain some insight on the mystery-product set for April.