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Has OnePlus delivered another flagship killer?


The original OnePlus One was released last year with much acclaim. With a title like ‘flagship killer’ and premium specs, it’s easy to see why. It shared the same snapdragon 801 processor found in smartphones like the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, as well as a 1080P resolution 5.5″ panel. The difference between the original OnePlus and its ...

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OnePlus Product event won’t launch the OnePlus 2


June 1st, the date of OnePlus product event, will not feature the enigmatic company’s latest flagship. OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, dashed any hopes that the new phone will be available tomorrow as a result of the event. Instead, a Q3 launch this year was given; this means that the sequel to last years budget wonder will be available between June1st ...

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OxygenOS download live complete with installation guide


OnePlus has announced that OxygenOS would be released to the OnePlus One OTA by the end of March, but no matter how we searched and looked, March ended without an OxygenOS download link. OnePlus came through and apologized for the delays, invoking that the new custom ROM from the Paranoid Android team members was delayed due to certification process taking ...

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OnePlus Drone confirmed by Carl Pei in AMA


First off, let me just say that we’re not sure if OnePlus founder Carl Pei was joking or not, so take this with a grain of salt. It seems that a OnePlus drone is coming up and is in the works from the company that took the tech-world by storm last year with the OnePlus One. Now, the OnePlus Drone ...

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OnePlus Two release date might be set for April


The OnePlus Two has been announced as in development last year by the OnePlus team, but no definite release date for the successor to the 2014 flagship killer was disclosed. OnePlus as a company is rapidly growing out of the near-basement startup to an international company that is thinking of expanding into European and American markets. The company has opened ...

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OnePlus and Paranoid Android team up for Oxygen OS


OnePlus teased their new Oxygen OS custom ROM last week, telling us to wait until February 12 (today) to find out more about it, and the company delivered. Even though many were expecting an official unveiling of at least a beta of Oxygen OS, OnePlus only managed to announce the new team that will be working on the custom ROM. ...

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Tuesdays are for the OnePlus One


The OnePlus One will now be available for purchase without an invite every Tuesday of the week from 12 AM PST. The OnePlus One has been dubbed the flagship killer because of its cheap price and high-end specs that compete with smartphones above the $700 mark, like the Galaxy S5 and LG G3. The OnePlus One isn’t the best phone ...

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OxygenOS logo and boot screen look amazingly minimalist


In case you’re not familiar with the name OxygenOS, you should know that it is the latest custom ROM in the works from the company behind the OnePlus One flagship killer launched last year. The Chinese company organized a contest in December 2014 to try and find a name for the new custom ROM they were working on, after Cyanogen ...

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OnePlus opening a store in Europe soon


OnePlus has begun their expansion in the Fall, opening up a few stores in India and China. Now, the Chinese company behind the 2014 flagship killer phone, the One, decided to expand even more into unknown territory: Europe. OnePlus has announced that it would be opening a new Research and Development center in Europe later this year, although Carl Pei, ...

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OnePlus OxygenOS is the new custom ROM, but the winner is dubious


OnePlus, the company behind the OnePlus One flagship killer, has announced today in a blog post that they have finally decided what name they would give to their new custom ROM: OxygenOS. The motivation behind the name is that Oxygen, the element, is simple and crucial to life, and it can be molded to suit everybody’s needs. OnePlus had announced ...

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