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Invisible OnePlus Drone remote

OnePlus Drone confirmed by Carl Pei in AMA

First off, let me just say that we’re not sure if OnePlus founder Carl Pei was joking or not, so take this with a grain of salt. It seems that a OnePlus drone is coming up and is in the works from the company that took the tech-world by storm last year with the OnePlus One. Now, the OnePlus Drone seems to be a real thing, and Carl Pei even shared the alleged logo of the new product on a Reddit AMA yesterday. We don’t think that Carl Pei would straight up lie on the platform, but the OnePlus Drone might just be a deflection from the rumored gaming console. Yes, there’s rumors of OnePlus making a console, if you haven’t heard, but that’s all that we know or think we know.

The alleged OnePlus Drone bears the name DR-1 and its logo is quite rudimentary, representative of such a flying machine. Drones have really taken off in the past few months, so it’s not really unheard of that a company like OnePlus would get in on the game right now. Drones are fun and can be very useful, so if the Chinese company releases DR-1 and prices it right, they might cause yet another storm in the tech-world.

OnePlus Drone DR-1 logo

The OnePlus Drone might be the new game-changer for the company who has announced last month that it would be getting in on a new market, besides working on the OnePlus Two of course. They also made it clear that they’re not thinking about a smart watch, nor a tablet, which leaves room for quite a few other products. We could be expecting this OnePlus Drone, or a gaming console, virtual reality or a set-top box. Since the OnePlus Drone is more or less confirmed, that’s what we’re expecting. Nonetheless, we’re sensing something weird is going on, so we won’t really believe this until we actually see that drone. In my opinion, this teasing is part of something bigger than we would expect. Maybe the OnePlus Two will be delivered via drones this year, who knows.

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