Facebook On This Day is kind of a throwback Thursday

Facebook is taking the Throwback Thursday tradition to the next level with a new feature they’ve announced today, called On This Day. People are usually interested in how they’ve evolved over time and I know I certainly love looking back at my old posts and laughing my face off at the stupid things I posted a couple years ago. That’s something many people enjoy and it’s a rather welcome addition to Facebook to have the possibility of easily reviewing your past. On This Day is a simple feature which lets you see what you were doing exactly a year ago.

The On This Day page will be added to your Facebook profile starting today, but you needn’t worry, because if it’s too embarrassing, you can keep it to yourself. By default, Facebook’s On This Day feature is private, which means nobody but you can feel the nostalgia for the good ol’ days. But if you choose to, you can share your On This Day page with your friends and family so that everyone can notice that you’ve actually cut your hair in the past year and stop asking you why you got braces or something.

Although Facebook tried testing the On This Day feature last year, it is finally rolling out after the company gave the OK GO. Now while the feature is pretty similar to Timehop, it’s still nice that you can have such a page integrated into the social media network without any additional clicking and stuff to be done. You can read more about the new feature on Facebook’s official blog post announcing it. Do you think you’ll be using On This Day often? Will you be laughing or crying when using it? You can try it out by going to the dedicated page, but don’t fret if it doesn’t work. According to Facebook, the feature is being rolled out in stages across the web and its mobile application.

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