WhatsApp gets huge update in Blackberry Beta Zone

The BlackBerry Beta Zone was treated to a new release this morning, namely a new WhatsApp version which comes along as an update to the existing WhatsApp Beta available to BlackBerry Beta Zone members, The thing about this WhatsApp Beta update is that it has a massive changelog addressing not only bugs and performance issues, but also integrating new features into the messaging application. The BlackBerry Beta Zone is an app that lets you try out beta releases from various app developers, and if you’re interested in doing so, you can get the app here and sign up in order to access the new WhatsApp Beta update.

The WhatsApp update, after you’ve installed it through the Blackberry Beta Zone, will immediately display the new features that you’re going to be able to use. One of those features is the ability of choosing between various custom ringtones for incoming calls. To access this feature, go to Settings, the Notification Settings and then Call Notifications. ¬†At the same time, you will be able to access subdirectories in your Pictures library, which will be grouped according to the year and month the pics will be received. The audio and video files which you receive through the WhatsApp Beta app will be grouped in these kinds of subdirectories as well.

Note that unless you have the BlackBerry Beta Zone app installed, you won’t be able to access this WhatsApp update. Other features and upgrades found within the new app include counts to Groups, Contacts and Favorites tabs, improved highlighting in search results and countless bug fixes that resolve performance issues, voice calling problems, chat bubble context menu bugs, improved backup and restore functions and more.

As WhatsApp is becoming a more and more popular app for BlackBerry Beta Zone users as well other OS users, the updates for it seem to be flowing in in a timely manner. Until the next one, you can enjoy and test out all the BlackBerry Beta Zone apps to see which might end up being good releases in the future.