SeatStory Cup III is live this weekend!

Usually when I think of an large invitational tournament, the first thing that comes to mind is a huge cheering crowd, players duking it out on the main stage, and production values that are starting to rival that of major sporting events. What you will find while watching this particular tournament is something more intimate. The third iteration of the Seatstone Cup started yesterday, and will be running through Sunday, April 12th.  32 top players from around the world, including fan favorites like Amaz and Reynad, have gathered together in Krefeld, Germany to see who can come out on top for their share of the $20,000 prize pot. Any stream donations that occur during the Seatstone Cup will be added to that prize pool, raising the stakes even higher as the weekend plays out.

The thing that makes the Seatstone Cup stand out is that it’s hosted in a flat that’s been converted into a studio. Dennis “Take” Gehlen opens his doors to competitors and crew to offer a more lax environment to compete in. In between rounds, when players aren’t being interviewed, you can catch moments where they’re relaxing, eating barbecue and playing poker. Fans that happen to be in the area can compete for prizes of their own and meet with the players in a conveniently located Irish pub just under the studio.

The Seatstory Cup is just one of many things keeping Hearthstone fans interested in the competitive aspects of the game. Thanks to Blizzard knowing how to back their games, and companies like NeedForSeat providing sponsorships to those like Take hosting events, we can continue to see new and interesting things develop. For anyone that’s interested in watching the action unfold, there’s plenty of information and a live stream ready and waiting for you on TakeTv’s website.

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