Wayforward Announces Watch Quest for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is expected to launch on April 24. Apple’s latest device is making it easier for you connect with others without having to use your iPhone. Once you go through the built in apps, what can you do on your Apple Watch? Developer Wayforward has just announced its first game for the Apple Watch. Prepare yourself for Watch Quest coming exclusively to Apple Watch. Watch Quest is an adventure game that will span through your iPhone and Apple Watch.

In Watch Quest, you’ll go on an adventure to slay monsters, find treasure, and save the day. You start off by selecting a hero, you’ll then equip them on your iPhone. You can stock up on weapons, maps, and much more. Once you finish preparing your hero, you head to your Apple Watch to continue the journey. On your Apple Watch, you control your hero to battle monsters, find treasures, and solve puzzles. Watch Quest will utilize the simplistic user interface of the Apple Watch to make your gameplay fun and easy to enjoy. The iPhone side of the game will serve as the player’s kingdom. While the Apple Watch will serve as the journey that spans for several hours.

Wayforward is also putting some familiar faces in Watch Quest. Shantae and Bolo from the Shantae series will be playable characters. The developers are promising more mash-up heroes in the future. Users can play Watch Quest passively by selecting easier missions. You can also take on more difficult quests which require you to search for items as you play through. The game will come free with one quest. The game will also have DLC where you can you purchase heroes and additional campaigns. Watch Quest will launch on April 24, the same day that the Apple Watch launches.