13AM Games Brings Color Centric Runbow to Wii U, Guest Characters Announced

During the early days of the Wii U, the eShop didn’t have much in terms of content. The eShop library has grown and is now home to great indie titles like SteamWorld Dig and Shovel Knight. Nintendo promised to work closely with indie developers to bring fresh new content on the Wii U. Runbow is looking to be the next big indie title on Wii U. The game is being made by Toronto based developer 13AM Games. If you aren’t familiar with Runbow, the game is an action platformer. Runbow features a color changing mechanic that will test gamer’s speed. The game supports up to nine players. Your job is to race to the finish, but be careful as platforms appear and disappear as the colors change.

Runbow features a variety of modes including the GamePad centered ColourMaster Mode. In this mode, the person controlling the Wii U GamePad can change the colors and obstacles. The people playing on the TV will be left wondering what obstacle the ColourMaster will throw in next. Runbow features a unique 60’s poster art aesthetic that pays homage to the style of Saul Bass and classic Czechoslovakian film posters.

Runbow will also feature hundreds of unlockable costumes. You can mix and match the costumes to create a wacky look. The game also features classic modes like King of the Hill, Last Man Standing, and more. Nintendo indie developers have become a well knit community. 13AM Games recently revealed that Runbow will feature surprise character appearances from other indie games. Runbow will have guest appearances from Shovel Knight, Scram Kitty, Juan & Tostada, Rusty, Swift Thornbrooke, and Bit.Trip’s CommanderVideo/ CommanderGirlVideo.

It’s great to see the indie community band together to help each other out. Nintendo is definitely keeping its promise by helping indie developers bring their content on the Wii U. Runbow was even featured in the “Nindie” video for Nintendo Minute back in March. Runbow is expected to launch on the Wii U eShop in Q3 2015. You can watch the latest trailer for Runbow showing off the all-star indie cast. It’s starting to look like Runbow might be the indie Smash Bros.