Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain’s Third Wing Now Live

This week, the third wing of Hearthstone’s second Adventure, Blackrock Mountain, has been released. This Adventure allows players to relive some of the most exciting moments in one of World of Warcraft’s most iconic zones. Stretching from classic WoW up until the Cataclysm expansion, Blackrock Mountain is home to some of the most notorious villains in all of Azeroth, such as Ragnaros the Firelord and Nefarian. Hearthstone’s newest adventure allows players to face off against these villains in an enjoyable, yet action-packed, online card game.

The wing which has happened up this week is Blackrock Spire. As area that has both served as both a five-man dungeon, as well as a 10-man raid, Blackrock Spire is home to many interesting boss fights. When playing through the zone in Hearthstone, players will face off against three of them, Highlord Omokk, General Drakkisath, and Rend Blackhand. Defeating each of these bosses will reward players with a play-set of powerful new cards.

Blackrock Spire does not end after defeating Blackhand. Players looking for more of a challenge may try their hand against each of the bosses on a Heroic difficulty. Players also unlike two class challenges for the Priest and Druid class. Winning each of these challenges will give players a play-set of cards for those respective challenges. In total, there are six new sets of cards that can be earned in Blackrock Spire, and the potential for many hours of Hearthstone fun.

Hearthstone’s Adventures give players a nice change of pace from their normal activities on the game. Typically, Hearthstone players have little else to do other than play against others on the ladder or challenge their friends to a friendly duel. Adventures give players a nice solo-player experience, as well as a way to earn new cards. If you are looking to play through Blackrock Mountain, each wing may be purchased with 700 in game gold, or for $6.99. Alternatively, all five wings may be purchased at once for a price of $24.99