New Guitar Hero trailer revealed

Rhythm-gamers and air guitarist prodigies rejoice, a new iteration in the Guitar Hero series is on the horizon. Publisher Activision ditches the numbered sequel by debuting the first trailer for Guitar Hero Live.

The trailer features a first-person point of view where your fictional band is waiting in the green room for the performance of a lifetime. Everyone else seems excited, but you’re clearly nervous – you’re fiddling with a guitar pick and the stage manager asks, “Are you alright?” as the rest of the band is amping up to play. One of the members of the band peeks out to the crowd and tells the rest of the band that “there are a lot of people out there.” A roadie gives you your guitar and a reassuring nod. You step out on stage. Everything slows down. You can hear the sound of your heartbeat. “Are you ready to make some noise?” The crowd screams in excitement, but quickly dies down as they can hear you pluck away nervously.

A woman in the crowd points at you. She tells you that you suck. Everything starts to slow down again as another band member tells you that “you got this.” You gather yourself and the crowd reaction shifts in momentum. They love you! The reveal trailer explains that there are two ways to play – a ‘Live’ mode that emulates “real” crowds and reactions and a ‘TV’ mode that serves as a playable music video.

Don’t dust off your old plastic guitars, Guitar Hero Live will utilize a new peripheral. Instead of the original 5-colored buttons along the fret – the new guitar will feature 6 buttons on two rows. Fans of the old series had to develop dexterity in their pinky finger to play on the harder difficulties, so putting the buttons on two separate rows might make it easier for players. Does the thought of emulating stage fright get you excited for a new Guitar Hero?

Guitar Hero Live is developed by FreeStyleGames, the same developers of the DJ Hero series. Guitar Hero Live does not have an official release date, but the trailer reveals that the game has a slated release date for Fall 2015.