Google Wireless going live soon, with pay per MB system

Google Wireless as Google’s new wireless service is being dubbed in the media, is set for release very soon according to company insiders. Google Wireless will supposedly revolutionize and even take over the internet, according to various sources and opinions. In essence, Google Wireless will be a service provided by the Mountain View giant with a new or rather unpopular payment system among service providers. Reportedly, Google Wireless customers will not have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for a subscription to use the internet the service provide, instead they will pay for what they use.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it is very likely that Google Wireless will be launched today, although the company has not disclosed any official information on that. What’s more interesting is the views that have been made clear in comments by some supporters and by some antagonizers of Google Wireless. As you can imagine, paying per amount of data used is an extremely fair solution, but it depends very much on what tariffs Google Wireless will use per GB, TB or MB.

If you usually engage in a lot of filesharing and keep a lot of your documents, media and files in the cloud, you will most likely be one of those users who don’t agree with the pay per view type payment system that Google Wireless proposing. Although the Google Wireless price has not been set yet, most likely the price will be the lowest that you can get. With that in mind, those that browse the internet and view the occasional Netflix show might be most enchanted by the new wireless service from Google.

Although Google Wireless will only be a small-scale experiment at first, spidey senses are tingling and carriers are beginning to worry about what impact the service will have on their businesses. According to inside sources, Google Wireless will be first rolled out to the Nexus 6 and it will be using Sprint and T-Mobile networks in order to offer its services. Although Google has not disclosed a lot about its new foray into the wireless business, people in the industry are saying that it might mean serious competition to other ISPs in the long run.