Apple’s music service means no more free music on Youtube, Spotify

Apple is going to be launching a new music streaming service that stems out of Beats in May and while there aren’t too many details available about the new program, we do have a good idea of how Apple is approaching the new service. Apple has approached BBC Radio 1 producers to be part of the new Beats streaming service, but the roles of the 4 producers that will be part of the project have not been disclosed. Since these producers are famous for their talk shows and artist introductions, we’re suspecting that the Apple streaming service will most likely have various elements, not just music. The most recent news which is kind of unsettling concerns the way in which Apple is actually preparing the launch of the music streaming service.

A report from The Verge describes that U.S. Department of Justice officials are looking into the way in which Apple is prepping for the new service launch/ Reportedly, they are looking into how Apple is trying to monopolize the industry by approaching record companies and artists and urging them to stop licensing their music to Youtube and Spotify. People are already outraged by the thought of Apple controlling the music business, because their propositions to artist, record companies and production houses involve them not releasing music videos or any type of content on free sites like Youtube and Spotify, even Vimeo.

Apple fans are saying that the company is taking advantage of its international pull on music publishers to eventually make Youtube and Spotify either abandon their free services that are supported by ads and replace them with subscription-based services, or run them out of business. Not many people are glad to hear about this report, and I agree with them. The new Apple Beats music streaming service will most likely cost $10 per month and there won’t be a free tier to make use of for those who don’t want to buy into the subscription Apple is offering. If these rumors about Apple trying to convince record labels and artists to abandon Youtube and Spotify or to protest its free services like Taylor Swift does, there might be trouble for the online community behind each of these services. Although people are saying Apple wouldn’t do that, the investigation is underway and we will eventually find out what Apple Beats is going to be about. The service will reportedly go live on June 8, so we’re looking forward to that.