Battleborn Projected To Release In 2016 – Will Come To E3

Last July, Gearbox revealed an impressive trailer for their newest title, Battleborn. The game is meant to be a first-person MOBA complete with a cooperative campaign, to be released for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. With its stunning visual style and promise to bring the ever-so-popular genre of MOBA’s to a console audience, Battleborn is guaranteed to be an important title. As a result, it’s in everyone’s best interest to carefully watch the release date of Battleborn, whether or not we actually intend to play it.

Apart from a small gameplay preview and some small teasers, we haven’t gotten much from Battleborn. This changed, however, when Take-Two Interactive released their latest earnings report, and projected the release of Battleborn for the fiscal year of 2016 (a bump up from the 2015 release that was previously projected.) While we all would have preferred a holiday 2015 release for Battleborn, I think everyone would rather Gearbox pull a Borderlands 2, and not an Aliens: Colonial Marines. Time is of the essence, especially with a genre like the hero-shooter that has only just popped up.

Besides Battleborn, there are two other games on the verge of release that are attempting a similar formula. Blizzard’s Overwatch is coming, which will be more of a TF2-like objective based game, (supposedly) not featuring leveling of any kind. Nexon, on the other hand, is currently holding the closed beta for Dirty Bomb, which is a similarly objective based game that should be open to the public soon. Battleborn looks to be making its mark with a unique sense of style, much in the way that Overwatch intends to. It’s not unlikely that we’ll be seeing the two battle it out over the share of the PC market.

It’s also important to note that E3 is fast approaching, and Gearbox will most certainly be there to lift the curtain on whatever projects they’ve been hammering away at. In the earnings call held by Take-Two, the company’s president Karl Slatoff reported that “Next month, Battleborn will be at E3 in a big way and we will have more news to share about the title prior to the show.” Also, Take-Two’s earnings report mentions a “soon-to-be announced new triple-A title,” which will more than likely make its first appearance during the show this summer. While it might be difficult to make a better entrance than Battleborn’s fantastic initial trailer, the world will be watching closely for what they intend to add to their portfolio.

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