Digital Board Game Armello Coming To PS4

Playstation 4 is keeping true to its reputation of picking up the best indie games for its platform. Armello came out on Early Access recently to critical acclaim, and League of Geeks (Armello’s developer) has announced that this digital board game will be rolling its way onto PS4 soon.

With this new platform, some new opportunities open up for Armello that you should be excited for. If you’ve played the game, you’ll know that it’s effectively a board game with pretty visuals and fantastic music. Like any board game, it’s much better playing with other people. Now that Armello is releasing onto a console, we’ll likely be able to pass around the controller at parties to have some good couch multiplayer.  With the industry’s fixation on online multiplayer (something that Armello does have) many have forgotten the joyous realm of couch multiplayer, and to have a personal favorite like Armello available to play with friends is fantastic.

If you haven’t checked out Armello yet, it’s essentially a virtual board game, based around fantasy politics, with lots of anthropomorphic animals. The goal of the game is to become the ruler of the kingdom of Armello, as the current king is corrupted by “rot” and will die in a few weeks. You can become the ruler by having the most “prestige” at the end of the game and becoming heir to the throne, by killing the king yourself, or by curing him with spirit stones. Combat is determined by dice rolls in classic board game fashion, and there are also cards that can be used as modifiers.

The PS4 has a large collection of games in just about every genre, and seeing a game like Armello seems to fill a gap that was particularly exclusive to PC players up until this point, reserved for games like Civ 5 that would never make their way to consoles. Something of Armello’s kin is just simple enough to move to a home console without sacrificing its fun, and complex enough to do justice to its genre. Keep an eye out for this release, as it’s going to be somoeothing worth picking up when it releases – likely this year. Check out the PS4 release teaser trailer below.