RWatch R10: microSIM, health tracking, heart rate monitor and more for just $49

The wearable industry is growing fast, but there still are people out there who are not entirely sure whether a smart watch actually has a purpose. The RWatch R10 is here to prove that it truly has purpose, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on it. Until May 30, you can pre-order the RWatch R10 for just $48.99 on GearBest, if you use the coupon code GBRR10. The RWatch R10 pre-order period is only open until May 30, so if you want to take advantage of the discount, you need to hurry up.

You the Coupon Code GBRR10 to get the RWatch R10 for only $48.99 at GearBest.

The RWatch R10 is one of those smart watches that runs on its proprietary OS and while it doesn’t offer its own 3G antennae, it does offer the next best thing: a microSIM card slot. That means that once you get your SIM card in there, you will be able to communicate with your friends via GSM without having to take your phone out. But that’s not all there is to this wearable. This microSIM-enable device also comes with a ton of features, including Bluetooth 4.0 and cross-platform compatibility with both Android and iOS phones.

The RWatch R10 microSIM smart watch can be connected to any Android 3.0 or above smartphone and any iOS 5.0 and above devices, which means that what smartphone you have matters very little if you want to try this smart watch out. The very affordable price tag of the RWatch R10 smart watch is also a good incentive to get into the wearable market early, especially if splurging hundreds of dollars on an Apple Watch or a Moto 360 doesn’t seem like a good investment to you.

If you’re one of those people who hasn’t tried a smart watch yet, the RWatch R10 might be the perfect training wheel-type gadget, but it can also be a daily driver for experienced smart watch users as well. Although it doesn’t come with Android Wear or Watch OS, it still offers a multitude of features and comes in a very neat package. First off, let’s see about that design.

The RWatch R10 design consists mostly of metal, while the band is made out of silicone. It will be available in three difference colors, namely silver, champagne gold and black. While it’s not waterproof and can’t be taken into the shower, it still makes for a great accessory. The smart watch comes with a 1.54 inch capacitative touch display at a 240*240 resolution, which is pretty standard for a timepiece such as this.

Besides Bluetooth and microSIM card slot, the smart watch also has a heart rate monitor, pedometer, compass, camera remote, sleep monitor, alarm, stopwatch, calendar, calculator and can display notifications through Bluetooth from your phone. The features that are connected to your smartphone will not work unless in Bluetooth range, but the watch will still be able to do health monitoring without the smartphone.

Battery life is uncertain, as we haven’t tested the RWatch R10 as of yet, but the 380 mAh battery should at least provide for two days of use. Our guess would be that when the SIM card is in use, the watch will use a lot more energy, but we’ll have to put that to the test once we get our hands on this device. Until then, we’re looking forward to the launch of this device. You can pre-order it for a discounted price until May 30, so hurry up if you want to try one of the cheapest smart watches on the market that actually comes with phone functionality.