Phil Spencer Denies Silent Hills Rumors

Days ago, an anonymous source told Rooster Teeth that the software behemoth Microsoft had plans to purchase Silent Hills from Konami before E3 this year. This announcement made a huge splash with everyone on the internet, proving just how popular PT was, and how excited people were to see Silent Hills be made. Unfortunately, Phil Spencer – head of Xbox – has come out and denied that this is true.

Silent Hills was going to be a PS4 exclusive made by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, and had an incredible amount of buzz for it when Konami decided to pull the plug. This came as part of their recent meltdown and overall retreat from the Western market, coinciding with their decision to de-list themselves from the New York Stock Exchange. When news of Silent Hills being saved hit the internet, those who believed it were byond excited – and for good reason. This would have been a massive victory for not only Microsoft, but the people who so desperately wanted Silent Hills to be made.

Now that these rumors are dispelled and we once again find ourselves in the Silent Hills purgatory, awaiting someone to save us from the barren wasteland that Konami has left us in, we can only wonder. What becomes of Silent Hills now? As part of an illustrious franchise, there’s no way that it could be killed entirely – will we be seeing Silent Hills becoming a mobile game, something much more popular with the Japanese audience that Konami wants to attract? Whatever does become of the franchise will ultimately be up to Konami, and nobody can accurately predict the actions of a company that would toss away a guaranteed gold mine the way they’ve tossed away Silent Hills.

Wherever Silent Hills is now, whether it be dead forever, or awaiting its salvation in some purgatory where forgotten IP’s go to spend their days awaiting revival, we can be sure we haven’t seen the last of it. Whether Konami comes to its senses and attempts to pick it back up, or the indie developer masses approach the wreckage of Silent Hills with prods of inspiration to make a spiritual successor, we will see Silent Hills live on in one way or another..