OnePlus Product event won’t launch the OnePlus 2

June 1st, the date of OnePlus product event, will not feature the enigmatic company’s latest flagship. OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, dashed any hopes that the new phone will be available tomorrow as a result of the event. Instead, a Q3 launch this year was given; this means that the sequel to last years budget wonder will be available between June1st and September 30th.

Despite disappointing those looking for their next taste of OnePlus’ latest iteration, he did reveal the name of the flagship device – ‘OnePlus 2’. This stands in contrast to the original OnePlus device, which had the numerical denotation spelt out.

Carl also assuaged those worried about the company’s infamous ‘invite’ initiative; which was used for the ‘One.’ The initiative was used to slowly release the product into the wild, due to the limited production of the OnePlus One. The limited stock lead to eager wannabe owners being repeatedly disappointed, unless they were prepared to jump through a few hoops. Invites will be used this time round, but Carl promises that there will be an ample supply of invites.

In an interview with AusDroid, he explained: “Internally we’re super anxious actually about how we’ll do with the OnePlus 2, because when we started this company, we thought this phone would only do 50,000 – 100,000 phones, we ended up doing almost a million phones.”

The low-pricing strategy, which had made the OnePlus a runaway hit, was also confirmed to be carried forward with the ‘2’. The company will continue to achieve their target with a low-cost marketing campaign.

Stay tuned for updates on tomorrows product launch.

Source: AusDroid

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