Amazon Leaked a New 1TB Xbox One Console Bundle

Fans have been requesting it for ages. And it seems as though Amazon has accidentally gone ahead and leaked it ahead of E3. But, from the information posted it looks like Microsoft has been planning on unveiling a new version of the Xbox One console for E3. The new console doesn’t appear to be anything fancy, if you’ve been expecting a revamped version like the 360 slim. But, listening to fan feedback, it does come with with a built-in 1TB hard-drive. The added space will obviously appeal to gamers who have been holding out on last gen consoles until something better comes along.

Unfortunately, according to Techtimes, as the Amazon post had been removed at time of writing, the new console version is reportedly going to be selling at $400. You will be paying a little more for the extra hard-drive space and the bundle will still not come with a Kinect. The new 1TB hard-drive is also still not replaceable like with 360 consoles. This is because the hard-drive stores data that enables the Xbox One to function, it doesn’t seem as though Xbox will be switching this up any time soon. If you end up needing more room than the 1TB, you will still have to purchase a separate external hard-drive.

The new Xbox One console seems like it will also be shipping bundled with the newly unveiled controllers. These controllers improve upon the models that are currently in the market by adding a new fan requested feature. These new controllers will have a built in 3.5mm audio slot for headsets, no longer will you have to purchase an adapter. The new news isn’t all that beneficial for those that already own an Xbox One, but it is nice to see that Microsoft is listening to its fan requests. The new bundle is rumoured to be unveiled at this year’s E3.

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