Legacy of the Void Pre-Purchase Available Now

It’s almost time. It’s been a bit of a wait since the Heart of the Swarm, but the third and final instalment of the StarCraft 2 saga, Legacy of the Void, just became available for pre-purchase. That’s right, as of yesterday you can now lock in and claim your own copy of the game. Legacy of the Void will have gamers playing as the mysterious Protoss race as you lead their efforts to prevent Amon’s final victory.

The Legacy of the Void pre-purchase also comes with a few perks. Anyone that purchases the game, either through battle.net or elsewhere, will receive access to the Legacy of the Void closed beta. So, you can get your hands on the game even before it comes out. In addition to this, anyone that pre-purchases will be given access to three prologue missions titled: “Whispers of Oblivion.” These missions will tie in the story between Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void; all while playing as the Dark Templar Zeratul on his quest to decipher the Xel’Naga prophecies that we’ve heard so much about.

Among other Legacy of the Void pre-purchase perks are various editions for your other Blizzard games. Most of these are only available for the Deluxe edition; however, everyone will receive access to an unrevealed new character for Heroes of the Storm (I’m guessing Artanis or Amon). Deluxe editions will also receive three Protoss portraits for StarCraft 2, an archon pet for WoW, a probe pet and protoss transmog for Diablo 3, and a void seeker mount for Heroes of the Storm. You can check it all out of these additions on the battle.net page.

If you purchase a collector’s edition from retailers then you will receive: the deluxe edition, a full-colour hardcover field manual, a DVD with cinematics and special features, and a CD soundtrack.

If any of this interests you, Legacy of the Void is available for pre-purchase for $40 USD, and the deluxe for $60. There is as of yet no official release date, but Legacy of the Void is expected to arrive on shelves sometime this Winter or early next year.