Halo 2-era BR returning to Halo 5: Guardians in Infinity’s Armory January update

If you’ve missed the Halo 2 era BR and its firing pattern, then you won’t have to wait much longer until you can get your hands on it again in Halo 5: Guardians. In the upcoming Infinity’s Armory update, scheduled for release by the end of January, the Halo 2 era BR makes its return in both Warzone and Forge. This means that even if you’re not the biggest fan of Warzone and its heavy reliance on REQ packs, you can make your own Halo 2 inspired maps with the Halo 2 era BR.

Finally, a BR that feels natural to longtime Halo players

On top of that, since 343 Industries has shown that they are interested in importing good community made Forge maps into the regular rotation, it is entirely possible that the Halo 2 era BR will eventually make its way into normal playlists in the near future. However, this is mere speculation, though it does lay in the realm of possibility.

Other weapons that are coming in the Infinity’s Armory update include a special variant of the Carbine that fires Needler rounds, much like the aptly name Needle Rifle from Halo: Reach. Alternatively, you can try to get another special, fully automatic version of the Carbine with an extended magazine.

Now you definitely can’t complain about Halo 5 not being colorful enough

Unfortunately, since the aforementioned weapons are (as for now) only going to be accessible through REQ packs, this does mean that the chances of getting something specific are going to be very slim. It also doesn’t help that the Infinity’s Armory update will add roughly 64 items with which to dilute the REQ library. On the bright side, the classic Mjolnir Mark V from Halo: CE is making a return alongside Mister Chief inspired weapon skins.

Oh look, sand, sand, and more sand
Look at all the potential places where snipers can shoot you from!

Of course, what good are new weapons if you don’t have new maps to try them on? To that end, Infinity’s Armory will include a new Arena map dubbed Riptide and a new Warzone Assault map called Urban. Riptide takes place indoors, with catwalks and the like sprouting out of the sand covered structures. Urban is (as the name implies) a city-based map that offers both overpasses and hills for attackers and defenders to fight over so as to gain better sight lines on the Armories.

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